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DFAT 2012 – Day 1 @ Ranchero

Posted by on May 8, 2012

Friday, May 4 was the first day of the DFAT event.  I had a long travel the night before and I arrived Davao City a bit past nine in the morning.  A friend and fellow-DFAT participant and her hubby nicely accommodate me in their lovely abode in Catalunan Grande.  They too did not have sleep the night before because of work and I guess because they waited up for me.  Anyway, after a quick breakfast, we went back to sleep.  I fell hard because if sis Kerslyn did not woke me up, I will never woke up on my own. lol!   To make the long story short — we were late!

We were late in our first appointment at Ranchero in Abreeza Ayala Mall which is at 2 pm.

When I saw the food on the table, I realized that I was hungry. lol!   All of them have done eating so we ordered what we liked to have and this:

Fresh lumpia
Fried lumpia
Bihon Guisado

Since we missed our lunch for sleep,everything looks and tastes good.  Though I only have a piece of the fried lumpia because I can feel the oil in spite of its crispy wrap.  The mixture of garlic and onions in the vinegar makes me want to have more but I tried controlling because it was not the only place to dine at that day.  That was only the start.  So with a serving of the bihon guisado, and almost all of the fresh lumpia, I felt full and ready to go.


RANCHERO is located at the Third Floor Rooftop Garden of Abreeza Ayala Mall, Davao City.  If you love ranch style cooking as a break from your usual home cooking, then Ranchero is worth a try.  The place have the country ambiance, too.

Another thing that caught my attention when I arrived was the dragon fruit!  I have many co workers who loved  dragon fruit and I was reminded of one who brought the fruit all the way from Bangkok.  Anyway, I forgot to ask how much per kilo or per piece, but it was good to see that nutritious fruit right at their entrance.



Photo credits:  All photos were taken by me except for the Bihon Guisado which is taken by Crislyn.


All photos used in DFAT 2012 post are personal property of mine otherwise to whom credit is due will be mentioned.

One Response to DFAT 2012 – Day 1 @ Ranchero

  1. Renz Bulseco

    I do remember na na-late kayo Mommy Arlene. Well at least nakahabol pa kayo sa first stop. :D Can’t wait for your next posts! :3

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