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My Cousin is Off to College in Manila

Posted by on April 12, 2012

My cousin just finished his high school. He graduated his high school with very good results. Everyone in the family was very happy for him. He told me that he can now move on with his dreams of becoming a doctor. Studying in the medical field is not cheap at all and it is very costly. Thankfully, he got a scholarship based on his excellent results in high school. Upon getting the scholarship, his parents also got him a car because with the scholarship, his parents can now use the college fund prepared for him to get a car for him instead. However, the scholarship offered to him is by a university far away from his home. He had to leave home to pursue his dreams. It wasn’t a challenge to him as his parents supported him all the way. One thing he had to settle is a place to stay. He doesn’t know the area well and it was very hard for him to find a place to stay. I told him that he could try finding Makati short term apartments to have a temporary stay while he looks for a more convenient and suitable place for his long term stay.

Everything went on quite smoothly and he will be leaving in no time. With the temporary apartments, he will be staying for some time before he finds for a better place to stay. My brother who is in college now told him that he can stay in an apartment temporarily while finding for some course mates to move out together into a permanent apartment. Everything should go on smoothly as plan. I wish him the best of luck in his studies and I hope one day he would be a successful doctor.

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