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I Was at Manny Pacquiao’s Residence in General Santos City

Posted by on April 3, 2012

It was in October 2008 that Dimple and I had the chance to visit Manny’s residence in General Santos City. It was a quick treat for the attendees of the Mindanao Bloggers Summit.


That’s me on the picture wall.  Manny was not around but the pictures posted on the the wall of fame outside his home show’s a still-life portait of him so it was still like he was there to entertain us.  Many took a souvenir of Manny through this wall.


The huge gate!


The pool that is formed like a boxing glove.  That building far behind is his sport building.  They said that is where Manny spends time to practice his sport.  On the ground floor is the garage.

The daughter!

After this day tour, the daughter and I proceeded to Davao City to spend the night.  Our two companions were still in Sarangani and we agreed to meet up in Davao city the next day.   I could have the chance again to visit Gen San last November for another bloggers event but it got in conflict with a blogger event that I attended in Manila.  If time and money allows, then might visit again this year.

I know this will be a challenging year for me – financial wise. But I won’t stop longing to travel.  I guess I feel so weak when I can’t get to travel in quite a long time.  Summer is here and surely, soon, we will be going somewhere.


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7 Responses to I Was at Manny Pacquiao’s Residence in General Santos City

  1. Adin B

    Man! What a huge place. Well, he is one great boxer and definitely earns his fame. :) Kudos to Manny P! :) Visiting!

  2. bev

    wow! I would also love to visit that mansion! was here for TT. Appreciate it if you can drop by my entry

  3. sir rob

    Dakoa og komo oi. Mahadlok man sad ta ana. hehe The house is really huge and so nice.

  4. Jessica Cassidy

    wow! beautiful place of the famous boxer of the world :-) yay! that is one wonderful adventure Sis Arlene ;-) your daughter is pretty, love her dimples too :-) Dropping by from TT.

  5. emzkie

    wow! very big place! if i have tons of money, I will build a house as big as that! in my dreams! lol! hahaha. ka nice oi! whet whew!

    from TT

  6. Travelholic

    Awww! Grabe jud ka bongga ang mansion ni Manny! Ang sa California pud niya, di pud mabangbang. Lahi ra jud ang milyonaryo oi. He definitely deserves what he has now! :D

    Thanks for joining TT last week, Ar! Hope you can join again, when all the woes are over! :)

  7. Noel Tolentino

    Hi Manny, my brother in Christ.
    I have been trying to get your mailing address to send you a personal letter.
    Kindly email me your address.
    Praise our Lord Jesus for using you as a great testimony in His name.

    Your brother in Christ,
    Noel Tolentino
    234 Broadway # 104
    San Diego, CA 92101-5004

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