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Overnight @ Midway White Beach Resort

Posted by on March 20, 2012

I had the chance to visit Midway White Beach Resort. It’s not yet too long ago since the last time I visited yet I can see that there were more improvements in their facilities. There were more add-ons in the making so I am expecting that in my next visit, there will be another something new to be seen.

The Business and the IT students of the college spent a night there for their major departmental activity.  I was one of the faculty chaperons.  I thought I wont’ enjoy the night but I did.  The students finished their activity at 12 midnight.  They did not stay indoors for the night.  They just slept in tents in the beach.  I was thinking it might be interesting to also sleep in the tent, but Tat and family were accommodated in one of the rooms, so I just decided to stay with them.

The next day’s activity was so much fun and one of my unforgetable experience was: MY FIRST BANANA BOAT RIDE.

I have already posted this experience in my other blog, but allow me to share it here at Tuesday Travels.

When invited to take the ride, I was apprehensive.  The fact that I cannot swim, makes me chicken for any water adventure.  But with the assurance of my friends, I agreed to take the ride.   I observed that the thrill in banana boat ride is when the boat is being turned upside down.   That capsizing made me shudder with fear.  So many doubts flash into my mind.  I really don’t care when we I can brace my two feet on the bottom when we fell – but I just knew that is not the case.  The guy who will guide the boat will intentionally topple the boat over in the deep blue waters.

Anyway, I want the photos now to do more of the talking. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do recalling the event.


Looks excited on the outside but deep inside I could hear the loud beating of my heart.


Me checking on the cord for gripping. But the guy said not to worry because once the boat capsized, i must let go. that “let go” instruction made my heart stopped for a moment but I felt that it is already late to back out. I know everyone is my buddy but I know that they have themselves to think of once we all hit the water.


Hmmm moving my butt now up in the banana boat.


Getting settled. I was already panicky.


Almost to go and I kept saying that the guy should not make us fall. I can already hear my voice in a panic mode.


And there we go. Huhuhu My feet just turned jelly and my haert beats louder than my scream. I really kept on screaming to the guide not to make us fall. hahahaha But i know that my screams were futile.


If Peter could record my scream at that distance, I know he would. I was screaming and in my mind I was praying because I was really scared. The phrase “let go” was so strong that even before the boat toppled down, I already wanted to let go — but I want being thrown in the firm ground. Not in the water! Just seconds after this shot, the boat fell.

A second of silence.

Then all I can hear was myself screaming “help”! lol!

I screamed that I cannot see. Who can see when my eyes was closed. lol! I screamed that I cannot touch the ground. Who can touch the ground when we were in deep waters. I cannot grab anyone. I almost thought that am all alone! hahaha I did not stop screaming not until I was securely clinging to the jetski. I was clinging for life. I was already crying. Hahaha I thought for a moment – i should have stayed in the dry ground. hahahaha


I know it took us awhile to get back to our rides. It took me a hard time to get back on top –not on the banana boat but on the jetski or else my heart will explode with fear and I will die.  I want to go back to the dry ground.


Now there’s me, clinging to the back of the guy like a lizard. He can really felt I was shaking and he said that I should relax because our ride will never sink. lol!


I am just so excited that we are done. I want dry land badly!


I can really feel my excitement when the jetski stopped and I was helped off.


I was all smiles, but honestly, I was still shaking from head to toe. ^^

Being in a big water is one of my fears. That is why I am not so comfortable taking boat rides. Somehow I know that life jackets can save me. But that moment, I really forgot that I have the life jacket securely tied around me. All I wanted when am in the water is that, someone would right away pull me out of the water then I will be fine.

They have several water sports that a guest can rent. For the banana boat, it is Ph600.00 for 5 people and will be on the deep water for 5 minutes.  My friends really enjoyed and they want to experience it again when they can go back.  For me?  I still dunno if I will try again. hahaha

For inquiries about the resort, you may contact their office through this number: 0927-2855608

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 PHOTO CREDITS:  Thanks to Peter for taking these pictures and for Esther for letting me borrows her camera.

7 Responses to Overnight @ Midway White Beach Resort

  1. Jheylo

    looks like a fun ride. love the blue sea. perfect for summer

    mine is up hope to see u there

  2. Points of View of Travels and Places

    I really love that kind of adventures. But I don’t know how to swim sigh :(

  3. bev

    Oh, I miss the fun ridding in a banana boat! Was here for TT, I appreciate if you visit my entry

  4. Adin B

    You had such a big smile. I bet it was a relief it was finally over. I actually miss going on a jet ski ride. One of the things that my husband and I did when we first spent the weekends together. I loved it and it was fun. I don’t know how to swim, but I wasn’t even nervous. hehehe… Visiting via TT!

  5. Jessica Cassidy

    woohoo! this looks so fun Sis Arlene :-) I would love to try this water adventure :-) My family will love this adventure as we love water. Definitely I want to check it out :-) Thank you for the info too :-) Visiting from Tuesdays Travel, hope that you can return the visit too.

  6. Travelholic

    I miss the beach! I miss Midway, too! That’s where we usually go basta white sand ang tripping! Haaay kasalomon na kaayo ko sa dagat ug ka-baklayon na kaayo ko sa balas. :(( Makamingaw to the max!

    Lingaw kaayo imong pics Ar! Nice kay naa na diay banana boat ride diha! :)

    Visiting from last week’s TT. So late, pero invite na pud ta ka for this week’s episode, in case wa pa ka ka-submit! :)

  7. jean

    way lami,,,we are not satisfied in their services…weeeehhhhhhhhh

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