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Retreat at Bohol Tropics Resort

Posted by on February 20, 2012

The Tri-Union Hospital Board Retreat was held at Bohol Tropics Resort in Tagbilaran City, Bohol. It was not the first retreat ever organized by the SSD-Adventist Health System but it was the first time to be held in Visayas. Hosted by HW Miller Sanitarium and Hospital, the venue was decided to be in Bohol.

We traveled from Iligan 4 pm Sunday to catch our boat that will leave at 8pm.  We just arrived on time and in awhile, the boat left.  The next day, we arrived almost 2 hours before our scheduled arrival.  So instead of 9 am departure for Tagbilaran we were able to catch the 6 am trip and we just added Php 350/head as our tickets were purchased on a promo rate.  Oh well Php 350 is better than being stuck at the pier for 4-5 hours to wait for the next trip.

The fast craft trip was breeze.  Their were no big waves.  Only a bit when we were almost at Tagbilaran.  I think at the area just after Cabilao Island.

I am not suppose to be in this trip.  But since the wife of our VPF cannot make it due to very important reasons, I went in her place. I used her tickets and hotel accommodation.  It was like – I like to go and I don’t like to go but in the end I went.  One thing I cannot forget in this trip – I still have no camera.  The views were great and I just can’t help clicking using my Nokia C2 phone.


Here are some of the pics that I want to share with Tuesday Travels:

I think the grandest hotel especially in size in town and the first hotel you can see from the pier.

The venue: second level, the Harbor View Hall

One of their 3 pools.  This part is the kiddie pool.

the stage

the hall

One of the things I looked forward to in this trip was to see what would be our accommodation like.  We did not have any idea on what would be our room because the last time I talked with the host’s secretary, she said that it is the hotel that will be assigning.  So no worries on my part as I know that my bosses will have their room once we arrived.  Indeed they all have except me.  So I need a separate room and any female who got no room assignment can be with me.  The secretariat thought of letting me join one of the delegates from Palawan because they are odd in number.  In our delegation, we have the odd number, too.  So I asked  to switch places with the roommate Dr. Dela Cruz  so that Doc and I can be roommates since we  came from the same place.  Dr. Pepito was so kind to agree. :)

So here’s our accommodation:

The Ambassador Garden Suite

Yeah – it’s 573 :)

The room is very spacious.  The bed is big enough for a single person so one can really sleep comfortable.  Doc and I slept late during the two nights we slept there.  There were two nice spots inside the room which I was not have time to enjoy.  One is the big tub (we just did not have the time to do because sessions starts early and finishes late and when we arrived in the room, doc and i will just chat, watch tv, busy with our phones, and I also tried doing work.  So we forgot about the bath tub.

And the other place is this:

The cozy nook. :)

Though the time we spent there was very short, I still enjoyed my stay.

To know more about the resort or if you are looking for a great place to do work at the same time recreation, log on to www.

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13 Responses to Retreat at Bohol Tropics Resort

  1. rachelle

    Bohol is a really nice place to go to and with that kind of accommodation, your stay will surely be an unforgettable one.

  2. joy

    it has been a long time since i joined a retreat, it nurtures our spiritual and emotional aspects. i feel light everytime i attend such, and the place of the event really counts a lot :)

  3. Super Mommy Jem

    Bohol is the province of my dad and I really wanted to travel there. I have heard positive feedback about the beauty of Bohol especially the clean beaches. I would also like to visit Pates ancestral house which is my relatives there.

  4. Matsumoto

    Your suite looks so cozy sis and the place is so clean. I should visit Bohol. :)

  5. Josie

    Did you have time to visit the wonderful places in Bohol? Wish I can too :)

  6. Tina

    Wow nakahinumdom noon ko da! I stayed there before.. :)

  7. Tina

    This is a very nice hotel. Grabe sadsad nako diha sa ila disco haus before.. aw – dili diay disco.. ballroom diay :)

  8. sigrid @ dreamworldtraveler

    uy ganda din pala bohol tropics. will be staying there in april! now i am excited!

  9. momsicle

    cozy room you have there…and a retreat in bohol? wow that is something unforgettable and truly uplifting.

  10. sir rob

    Was in Bohol Tropics once and I noticed the big difference it has today. It is very nice now.

  11. blankpixels

    Oohh I love the bathroom (I’m very particular with this heheh) and the pool area! And I haven’t been to Bohol. :( It’s first on my travel itinerary this year. :)

    Didn’t know the Nokia C2 had decent photo quality pala. Nice. My last Nokia phone’s cam sucked. Hehehe.

  12. Travelholic

    And I’m glad you went Ar! If you didn’t, wala ko kakita ani nga mga nindot nga spots! Nice kaayo inyong accommodation pa jud! Haaay mingaw na jud ko ug Pinas style sa laag. :D

    Hope you can join again for this week!

    • admin

      Thanks for the comments, cel. I missed this week but I will make advance posting na aron dili jud ko ma ka rattle ug buhat pag abot ug tuesday. ^^ I will try now. my suppose to be entry last tuesday karong tuesday nalang nako e share. ^^

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