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New Eye-Candy at Midway White Beach Resort

Posted by on January 30, 2012

The last time I visited Midway Beach Resort was in June 2011 during our coloquium. We did not stay overnight. It was only a day-time affair and had our commitment service here in the campus. I then never thought I’d be back there so soon.

Thanks to IBS for deciding to have the strat plan there or else I will never get the chance to see some new eye-candies in this resort.

I bet some of the buildings were already there last year or even before but this time it was nicely renovated and painted.

The main admin building.  On the second floor is a conference room.  The orange paint glows nicely against the blue sky.


They have dorm-type accommodations before.  This time, they still have but in a more comfortable room.  They have air-conditioned  rooms that can accommodate 8 people.  You don’t have to bring beddings and even towels because they all have it prepared for its guests.  An LCD TV is also provided in each room.

They also have a 3-storey wooden building that costs four thousand something.  They said that on he second floor, it can accommodate eight people and the top floor can accommodate four.  Alex and I went up to the top floor to see if the top floor is worth coming back for.  Indeed I exclaimed, I wanna come back and stay in the top floor because of the grand view of the blue sea and sky.


The windows are glassed so I can imagine that I will see a grand view of the sky when I wake up in the morning.   And i looked at the glass closely to have a glimpse of the insides, and indeed — can you see what I see?

Here’s a phone shot of me just before we left the resort:


For inquiries about the resort, you may contact their office through this number: 0927-2855608

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15 Responses to New Eye-Candy at Midway White Beach Resort

  1. Lalaine

    hala, improve na gyd kau ang Midway .. the last time I went there was in the 90s pa.. high school pa ko! Payag payag pa to ang accomodation.. heheh! tigulang na gyd ko! :)

  2. Jessica Cassidy

    beautiful pictures Sis :-) the water looks refreshing :-) great rooms too :-) Visiting from Tuesdays Travel, hope that you can return the visit too.

  3. sir rob

    Asa diay ng Midway Resort? Mura og nindot kaau dihang dapita dah..

    Late comment for my late submission in TT.

  4. Travelholic

    Yay Midway!!! Ka-improved na diay diha Ar oi! Nice naman kaayo! Dugay na jud tong last naku tuslo dihang dapita ba. And oh, that bag is pretty familiar! Yay! ;-)

    Thanks for joining last week’s TT Ar. Linky for this week is now up, hope you can join in again! :)

    • admin

      Hi cel – yes improved. ud surely enjoy it if you come around next time. even the Lasang park, social na. dili na the scary place.

      the bag? ay oo am sure perti jud ka familiar. hehehe thanks. lab it so!

  5. Tiffany

    Hello. Just wanna ask if pila ang room nga maka-accommodate ug 8 people? Pila pud ilang cottage? Salamat kaau daan sa pagtubag. :)

  6. aileen mae bustamante

    good pm..puede ko ka ask sa mga room rates ninyo?available pa ba ds coming holy week? thanks ahead!

    • admin

      Hello Aileen, thank you for dropping by my blog. I don’t have any idea if they are full during the holy week. Anyway, i will try to post their telephone number in this post so that you can contact them directly.

  7. HEART


    • admin

      Hello, i think so they cater to weddings. Please call the number at the end of the post.

  8. susan

    - can you send me the rates for an overnight stay
    - how much per pax if there is an additional
    - how much is the entrance
    - how much is the kayak, ziplines, cottages and so on..
    please do include all so that i can maximize my stay…

    thank you..

    • admin

      Hi Susan, please call the number provided at the end of the post. I haven’t been to the resort since the last time I was there and I don’t have the information you need at the moment. Thanks for reading this post.

  9. dumlette

    do u have another number? the number cant be reached anymore. ty

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