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Lake Apo: The Plan and the Visit

Posted by on October 25, 2011

The first time I saw Lake Apo in the Facebook account of the owner, Dr. Almer Alfonso, I said to myself, I am going there.  So I clicked Like on the photo and then later ask Dr. Almer how to get there.  Summer was over and first semester started and I still can’t put into my schedule a trip to Bukidnon.  I desired to see the place alone.  But then thinking it would be more fun to have company, I tagged the photo to my fellow Iligan blogger, Pinay Travelista.  I am betting she got a mole on her foot thus her travel blog.   Indeed she agreed to make me realize my wish without a second thought.  We thought we could make it last August during the last weekend where Iligan enjoyed a long weekend.   But Dr. Almer was on vacation in the US.  September made us really busy for the planning of the coming MBS5 so the plan was put aside to an unknown schedule.

Before September ended, I know I am going to make the plan a reality.  I shared the plan with fellow Iligan bloggers and invited everyone.  Everyone wants to go but more important business bars them from making the trip.  So it was only Alex, Lai, and Me!

We met Saturday noontime at Jollibee Valencia City.  They had an early start from Iligan City while I left Mountain View College around 9 am.   We were so excited.  I wanted to catch sunset that day, but things did not happen as planned.  We arrived in the vicinity of Lake Apo in Barangay Guinoyoran already pitched dark.  The three of us were so honored of the availability of Dr. Almer as he acted as our host, our driver, and tour guide.  While approaching their rest house, Dr. Almber described to us a daytime scene that we almost can’t wait for the sun to come up to really see the beauty of the Lake.  I tried opening my eyes wide to catch a glimpse of the lake but amidst the humping of our vehicle in deep mud, I can’t see a thing.

We arrived at the rest house and tried to settle down while Ate Belen prepared our dinner.  The three of us take turns asking Dr. Almer basic questions regarding the Lake Apo.

Lake Apo, got its nickname from Sitio Lake Apo (Apo, a local term  referred to kinship) is located 12 kilometers from Valencia City.    The lake  sprawled its beauty in a 24 hectares land with a depth of 85 ft.  Dr. Almer and family, who obviously loved nature and the simple country life – Lake Apo is tagged as the cleanest landlocked body of water in Northern Mindanao.  Ain’t I lucky to have really seen the place for real?

This post has been delayed long yet as of this writing, I am not yet over with my Lake Apo fever. ^^

Unforgetable moments:

 The sunrise: just as we woke up

My companions getting immersed into the beautiful early morning beauty of the lake:


I caught this!

The seconds when the gentle sunrays kissed the verdant greens

The view reminds me of Autumn.

I made more than five hundred photos that day.  The place is just so picturesque.  I cannot share all the shots in this post so am going to share it in the upcoming posts.

The place is a great destination to get away from the busy and noisy life in the city.    Great place to just relax with a great book.  If you love adventure one can do:

  • Kayaking
  • Canoeing
  • Jet Skiing


To quench your love for nature, you can :

  • Hike/Climb the nearby hills
  • Swim in the lake or in the spring pool
  • Have your meals at the floating cottage
  • Take photographs to your hearts content

The original plan was to leave after lunch.  But the night before, we decided to wait for the beauty of sunset.  The weather is so unpredictable at this time of the year so I prayed for a beautiful morning to see the sunrise and then the sunset.  God gave us the sunrise as proven by our photos but for the sunset, God gave us rain.

The rain gave the lake a beauty that you cannot ordinarily see in other places.  If we were not packed up to go, I would have loved us to be with the rain at the floating house. Dr. Almer said that there are times when it is raining the lake is being enveloped with a fog and it would be nice to experience it via the floating cottage in the middle of the lake.

I am going back!  That’s a firm statement and am gonna do that soon.  For what? To see the sunset and to spend time sitting on the wooden seats in the lanai with a good book.

Allow me to express my gratitude of thanks to Dr. Almer Alfonso and family for the accommodation, Ate Belen for ever ready preparing our meals, to Lai and Alex for the superb company.  I will never forget the experience.



I received several emails regarding price and cabin accommodation inquiries so I am leaving here a contact number of the one who is in charge now:

jane @ travel2discover

0917 721 8195 (Globe)

088 828 2138 (Landline #)

14 Responses to Lake Apo: The Plan and the Visit

  1. Alexander Singcol

    We are much alike in our desire to go back to the place…to witness the sunset…hmmm…Until now, I can still feel the feeling of seeing it…the lake…a very gorgeous place to stay….in your next visit, please do not forget me :))

  2. almer

    yes lene, We did not inherit mother earth from our ancestors. We just borrowed it from our children, and their children’s children.

    therefore: it is our intergenerational responsibility and accountability.

    thanks for the nice posting and congratulations, sure do come back with lai,alex and more.

  3. ladyguinevere


    I am your newest follower, hope you could follow back. I’ll be going to CDO so I’ll just gonna pass by in Bukidnon but I’ll be asking my cousin about this place. I cant say the right word but really its nice.

    Here are my urls:

    thank you much


  4. Ding | The Pinoy Explorer

    Wow! The scenery is just a jaw-dropping awesomeness! I wish I could drop by this place when I have teh chance to go back to CDO and Bukidnon…

  5. cheryl


    May I know how to get to Lake Apo from Valencia city proper?


    • admin

      Hello Che,

      thanks for dropping by. from valencia, there is a public vehicle that goes to Guinoyuran. You can take that and it will pass by the crossing that leads to to Lake Apo.

  6. Jed

    Hi! Thanks for blogging about this place. It was one of our favorite stops during our mountain biking days. I do have lots of memories here. I love the pictures- they give justice to the beauty of the area.


    • admin

      Thanks for the like, Jed. :)

      Share some of the memories when u have time. Better blog about it.

      • lheez

        Hi! I have accidentally browsed the pictures taken from Apo Log Cabin and I was dumbfounded by the beauty of the place. Could you please give a number or a site where I can ask the fees for overnight stay? And may I know how many people can the cabin accommodate?

  7. Cyril Madelo

    A group of 6 (including myself) is considering going to Lake Apo the first week of May. Are we allowed in the premises as early as 5 am? We would like to experience the magnificent view during sunrise but wont be able to sleep the night over due to time constraints; we will be visiting other places in Bukidnon later that afternoon. Can you pls give me contact details to the resort? I left a message to Dr. Almer Alfonso in his FB account but im not getting the response to my inquiry.

  8. doi

    pastilan pagkanindot ani na view oi! we just went there last Tuesday and wa man koy nakita nga inana na view. faet :(

  9. lheez

    Hi! I have accidentally browsed the pictures taken from Apo Log Cabin and I was dumbfounded by the beauty of the place. Could you please give a number or a site where I can ask the fees for overnight stay? And may I know how many people can the cabin accommodate?

  10. Roel

    i really missed that place!

  11. Hazel T. Loquisan


    Could you please give us a number or site where I can ask the fees for an
    overnight stay? And how many people can the cabin accommodate?

    Thanks, Hazel

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