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Eating Right Even On a Travel

Posted by on October 14, 2011

Even before I arrived MVC, I was told dinner Thursday night will be at a friend’s home.  Apple and Carthie cooked something nice (semi-vegetarian) as they have an idea that I was on diet watch.  I am not on diet, I was just trying to cut on my rice intake.

Confession:  I ate rice and meta from Saturday dinner until Sunday dinner.  Not one whole plate but at least more or less a cup serving except when we had dinner at Atiatihan where we enjoyed a chicken barbecue.  Never had that in a long time  so I gave myself an excuse.  I know I have gained back some pounds during the whole trip.

Anyway, here’s a closer glimpse of the food we had that Thursday night:

Romanian Salad

Adobong Fish Paksiw

Fried Lumpia (vegetarian fillinga)

Yummy Durian ^^

Food is great with friends.  Thanks Ma’am Apple and Ma’am Carthy for the sumptuous meal.  Iliganon jud!  Sa uulitin ha.


It’s been awhile since I posted entry for Yummy Sunday.  Since I am making this post now in this blog and not in my food blog, I thought of linking this post to Yummy Sunday.  I hope the YS host will consider.

12 Responses to Eating Right Even On a Travel

  1. Ernhez

    i like the salad and the fried lumpia. drooling.

    hope you can check on my entry for Yummy Sunday:

    Happy Yummy Sunday

  2. imriz

    yay! im going crazy over that salad by just looking:)

  3. Ruby

    all yummy foods….miss ko tuloy ang pinas..

  4. MarieClara

    I’m craving for Lumpia! :)

    Visiting from YS!
    S’mores French Toast

  5. Mitchteryosa

    Grabe! Natakam ako sa mga food. Sis, ano yung may sili?

  6. JennyHansson

    i’m craving for adobong fisk..looksss really yummy…:)

    thanks for dropping

  7. teJan

    wow talagang food trip;) all looks yummy;) visiting from YS.. see yah!

  8. Rovie

    daming food… party, party!

    visiting for YS! hope you can check out my entry…

    Lechon Baboy


  9. gagay

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! drooling on your red atsal te arlene..hahaha! and also sa durian! yummmmmm!

  10. Perfectly Blended

    I like friend lumpia.

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